Thursday, March 1, 2018

"Tough Question" for Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

I read that this year your foundation has modified its approach to support for networks of schools as opposed to identifying and scaling “the perfect teacher”.  I hoped that this was a move towards understanding teaching and learning as a complex system.  Years ago I was moved by Jeffrey Sach’s book The End of Poverty, addressing a myriad of causal and correlated factors contributing to extreme poverty.  This helped me look at multiple factors in learning beyond the classroom walls, parent networks, partnerships with professionals, experiential learning outside of school, educator networks - and within the classroom, incorporating multiple modalities, peer relations, a culture of collaboration, and cycles of iterative learning products.  True teaching and learning is intrinsic, beyond the self, and yet, what I gather from your efforts in education is a continued focus that breaks down into individualized metrics of criteria.  How might we move beyond a support system so easily corrupted and gamed for the short term?

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